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Waterfront Cottage Construction by Timmerman Scott Builders

Waterfront cottages are so popular in our part of north Lake Huron,

they are almost part of our community DNA! With acres of waterfront and lakeside within just a few miles of Sault Ste. Marie, there is ample opportunity to build your own waterfront cottage, or renovate an existing property for modern living.

Why buy a waterfront cottage?

If you enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, and kayaking straight from your back yard, a northern Ontario waterfront cottage could be yours to enjoy year-round.

Call us to discuss your dreams, requirements, or just to talk about building a cottage in our lovely part of Ontario.

Many Ontario cottage owners choose to:

  • Buy their own plot of land
  • Have their dream lakeside retreat designed by an architect
  • Appoint building contractors like ourselves to do the build

Land can be bought direct from Lake Huron real estate and land agents. This gives you the most flexibility in terms of customising your cottage to your specific requirements. It also enables you to add extra features to make your home more eco-friendly, self-sufficient (zero carbon) or completely off grid.

You should always buy land with the help of a lawyer to check all is above board, and in particular access clauses so you’re not paying to get to your cottage via someone else’s land!

You’ll also need to check out the plot itself to ensure it is suitable to build on. How wet is it?  Can you get a building permit?

If your plot is in a remote area, not every house building company in the Sault Ste. Marie area will be able (or want) to build your cottage for you. We relish the challenges of getting materials delivered to your site, working with (not against) our Canadian winter weather, and finding solutions to plots not connected to electricity, gas, or utilities – or with cell phone or internet connection.

For more on buying land in Canada, see this article.

You can also buy a plot from private developers who will build your cottage for you. However, developers usually have a limited set of house plans that you would choose from, and they may not be customisable in terms of external features, eco facilities, sustainably sourced local materials, etc.

You may choose to find an old cottage in a poor state of repair and either rebuild or renovate. For more details, just call us, or see our home renovation and repair page.

Want a new waterfront cottage for next year?

To discuss your requirements for a waterfront cottage or home on:

  • North shores of Lake Huron
  • One of our region’s inland lakes

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