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House Structural Lifting and Shoring

If you need to give your home a lift, call us first!

Structural lifting of homes and cottages

We can raise your home from its current foundation either temporarily or permanently for:

  • Adding a new foundation
  • Pouring piers or footings
  • Helical piles
  • Structural repairs to existing damaged foundations
  • Creating a walkout basement
  • Repairing, resealing or raising flooded basement areas
  • ICF or PTWF frost walls with crawlspaces

House shoring

If only part of your foundation needs work, we can shore up your home to maintain its current level, but allow for essential repairs such as wall replacements, fixing foundations, and replacing land-bearing beams. House shoring can also be a good opportunity to add a basement if you don’t have one already.

With house shoring by Timmerman Scott Builders, all areas of your home will be fully supported throughout the works. This reduces stress on other parts of the building – and on you too!

House shoring and lifting is environmentally friendly too and far more cost-effective than a teardown and rebuild.

Home moving

If you’re looking for a house moving company, call us and we’ll point you towards trusted local companies in the Sault Ste. Marie area with experience in moving historic properties.

Does your home need lifting or shoring?

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“It’s not only the BEAUTY of a building you should look at; It’s the FOUNDATION that will stand the test of time.