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Remote Access Homes by Timmerman Scott Builders

We love our magnificent woodland wilderness here in northern Ontario, and so do our clients. That’s why they want to build new homes here – and that poses challenges in terms of remote access building plots. In a just a few miles, access changes from major highways to basic trails snaking through the woods.

Many construction companies will turn down building projects in remote locations, where there is no power and limited access for deliveries of materials.

We won’t. We embrace the challenge of building in locations without power or a water supply.

Every remote building project we undertake starts with the consolidation of access, so that whatever the weather, we can make it onto site almost every day. We come prepared with everything we need, so we can progress your build all year round.

Our team are experienced in building homes in remote areas and locations, and with the help of expert partners, we can ensure your home has all modern conveniences too. Our eco-friendly off-grid home solutions provide you with all the necessities of modern life without impacting on the natural environment around you. For more details see our Off Grid homes page.

As an experienced construction company in the Sault Ste. Marie area, we know a lot of local lakeside and remote locations through personal experience.

Want to build in a remote area, lakeside or wilderness location?

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“It’s not only the BEAUTY of a building you should look at; It’s the FOUNDATION that will stand the test of time.