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Off Grid Homes by Timmerman Scott Builders

Building a new home off the beaten track in remote locations offers you exceptional peace and quiet. However, it may also mean your new home won’t be connected to utilities including water, sewage, electric or telecommunications. Connections can be very expensive, and in some locations, not available at all.

By creating an off-grid home, your remote cabin, waterfront cottage or vacation home can be self-sufficient all year round. You’ll also be creating a home that is net zero, sustainable and with minimal emission or effects on the pristine environment around you.

Off grid home solutions

Off grid homes require specialist solutions in five key areas:

Generate your own energy using state of the art solar systems and panels, wind turbines, mini hydro generation plants, all linked to high capacity storage batteries.

Off-grid home water solutions include bore holes and wells for natural water, rainwater collection and storage systems, and non-chemical water filtration and cleaning systems.

Where no main sewage is available, your home needs to deal with waste in a responsible and eco-friendly way year-round. Our solutions range from no-water composting toilet systems, to under-home digester systems to turn waste into compost to feed your organic veggie patch!

Off-grid homes use ultra-efficient insulation and construction methods to retain warmth in the winter and keep homes cool in the summer. From simple woodturning stoves and furnaces to ground source heating, air heat recovery systems, and geothermal heating and cooling solutions where available, you can heat your eco home using natural renewable resources.

For locations that don’t allow year-round levels of independence, we can provide backup systems including generators and large-scale propane gas tanks that only need refilling once a year or so.

You may be off grid but that doesn’t mean you’re also out of contact! We partner with specialist providers of smart satellite communication solutions to keep you connected by phone and internet regardless of location.

Want to live off the grid?

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