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Home Additions by Timmerman Scott Builders

If you need more space for a growing family, or for an aged parent moving in, you don’t have to move!

Instead, add extra space in your home with a well-designed home addition built with core and pride by Timmerman Scott Builders.

Why home additions?

Home additions create more space, more light, more enjoyment for you and your family through modern extended spaces that blend seamlessly with your existing home. (Or not, if you prefer a shift from the traditional home into a contemporary open concept living space!)

Perfect project management

Our residential construction team can complete your home addition from first groundworks to final fittings, for a smooth and well-managed build and minimal disruption to your home life.

There’s no need to project manage yourself and spend hours on spreadsheets or chasing your contractors. We do all that for you, so you can relax and get on with your own work!

Our home additions projects use only our own team and a hand-picked selection of specialist contractors that we know personally. This approach enables us to ensure the maximum use of time onsite for all trades, ensuring a smooth progress throughout the build.

So you can rest assured work is progressing at the proper pace for a quality build and an addition that meets an often exceeds building regulations.

Or if you prefer, you can contract us just for part of the project, such as the initial groundworks and shell up. It’s up to you!

An eco-friendly addition

A new home addition is the ideal opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficient and lower its emissions and overall carbon footprint. We can include energy efficient heating, superior levels of insulation, sliding doors and window, solar panels and tiles, and much more. For more details, call us, or see our eco-friendly homes page.

Need more space?

Call us to discuss creating more space in your home within your budget.

“It’s not only the BEAUTY of a building you should look at; It’s the FOUNDATION that will stand the test of time.