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Energy Efficient Homes for Northern Ontario

Energy efficient living is not rocket science and doesn’t involve a huge increase in your building costs either.

An energy efficient home can be created simply by:

  • Reducing its overall energy requirements
  • Adding renewable energy features
  • Managing energy use efficiently

By incorporating energy efficient solutions from the ground up, the energy savings alone can offset the additional building costs over a remarkably short timeframe.

Think energy efficient homes is a bright idea?

So do we! Call us to discuss how building with energy efficiency in mind can save you thousands of dollars whilst enjoying a better, healthier living space.

Energy efficient homes v. regular homes

Energy efficient homes feature upgraded materials and features that all contribute to creating a better, healthier environment for living for you and your family.

These can include:

  • Additional levels of insulation in all walls, basements, ceilings and roofing.
  • Triple glazed windows for better heat retention and summer cooling
  • Smart HVAC ducting system to increase airflow and quality
  • State of the art solar panels to heat water and generate electricity
  • Excess electricity can be fed back to the grid, adding credits to your utility bill
  • High performance water heaters with recirculation heat recovery system
  • Drain water heat recovery
  • Ground and air heat recovery systems
  • Other power generation systems including wind turbines and mini hydroelectric plants (depending on location)

These systems not only reduce your home’s energy usage, but also ensure it is more resilient to extremes of weather and future changes in building regulations towards a Net Zero future.

Want an energy efficient home?

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“It’s not only the BEAUTY of a building you should look at; It’s the FOUNDATION that will stand the test of time.