Guttering / Eavestroughs Services in Sault Ste. Marie

Whether you’re looking for repairs, replacements or cleaning for your eavestroughs / gutters, call us first.

As experienced custom home builders, we understand how important it is to keep your eavestroughs in good condition, all year round. A leaking, broken or leaf-filled gutter can cause water to cascade down your exterior walls, ingress into your roof timbers, and make your foundations damp.

One call to us ensures a prompt and efficient survey by our team to assess the issue, and suggest the best and most-cost-effective solution.

  • If your gutter / eavestroughs just need a clean, we’ll just say so.
  • If they need repairing or replacing, we’ll give you a competitive quote and an estimate of timescales for the work.

It’s a good question! In the US and the UK, they are gutters. In Canada, they are usually referred to as eavestroughs, but also as gutters.

Gutters / eavestroughs collect and channel rainwater and snow melt water from your roof . Water from the roof falls into a system of open half pipes that round around your home, just under the roof’s bottom edge. These open pipes channel the water down to one or more vertical downpipes. The water flows down these pipes and drains away safely beyond the extent of your foundations, and also leaving no residual water on your roof.

Gutters vary in size as different roofs produce different volumes of water. For example, a steeply pitched large roof will produce a large flow of water, whilst a lesser pitched roof on a smaller house will have less flow. Flat roofs also require gutters and eavestroughs, to allow accumulated water to flow off the roof to the downpipe.

Since eavestroughs are open at the top, they can quickly fill with leaves and debris unless you have leaf guards or similar in place. If leaf debris is left in place, the water can’t flow along and will spill over the sides, and down your walls. Water will also accumulate and freeze in winter, damaging the guttering as the ice expands.

What’s more, accumulated leaf litter breaks down into a great growing medium for seeds that arrives courtesy of your local bird population. So you might notice plants growing out of your eavestroughs!

Gutters can also be prone to build ups of dirt, mold growth, bleaching, staining and even nesting birds.

Cleaning eavestroughs is not complex but it is difficult for homes with high eaves or two storey homes. Cleaning would involve standing on ladders to reach the gutters, which is not a safe situation. Ideally, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year in the early spring and late fall, or more often if you live in a wooded or forest area.

Gutters are exposed to the elements all year round. In winter they need to be able to flex if there is a build-up of ice to avoid splitting. In summer they need to withstand high temperatures which can cause them to warp and buckle.

Gutters and eavestroughs should be replaced every time your roof is replaced or renovated as an absolute minimum. If that didn’t happen, or if you have concerns about the condition of your gutters and eavestroughs, call us. We can inspect them and advise on repairs for minor damage, or quote for the cost of replacements.

Common gutter damage that can be repaired include:

  • “Popped” joints that need pushing together
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Leaking sections
  • Single broken gutter supports

Common guttering issues that require a replacement system include:

  • Twisted or warped sections
  • Damaged downpipes
  • Sections missing or fallen down
  • Substantial leaking joints
  • Cracks and splits
  • Peeling coatings, paints or sun bleaching (non-plastic systems)

Eavestrough services for northern Ontario

For more information including our seamless eavestrough systems, or for your free gutter condition assessment, contact us here at Timmerman Scott.

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