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Custom Home Builders for the Sault Ste. Marie Ontario area

When you build your own home, you want it to be just right for you, your lifestyle and your family.

  • You want it constructed to an exceptional standard by skilled builders and craftsmen.
  • You’d like it to be constructed using eco-friendly techniques and features that also are energy efficient and possibly even off-grid
  • You want your new home to blend and complement its surrounding by incorporating sustainable local materials.

At Timmerman Scott, we’ll deliver exactly what you want, with minimum fuss and maximum expertise.

Custom Homes: Your Lifestyle and Your Legacy

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Remote Access Homes

Timber Frame Houses

Lakeside Homes & Boat Houses

Waterfront Cottages

Personal service from start to finish

Josh and Chris will personally make sure each step of the building process goes smoothly, including planning, drafting, permitting, through to specialized and unique material sourcing. Where possible, we use local artisans and sub trades.

We pride ourselves in being solutions specialists, ensuring all the necessary services are provided, without leaving anything left unfinished or unanswered to our client.

In other words, Timmerman Scott are the local building company you’ve always wanted to work with because they share your passion, interest and excitement of your new custom home build – and just make it happen!

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“It’s not only the BEAUTY of a building you should look at; It’s the FOUNDATION that will stand the test of time.