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We’ve been creating concrete slabs, pads, patios, foundations and more in our north Ontario climate zone for many years. We know the challenges of pouring concrete in a wide range of temperatures, and the need for speed too. So you can have complete confidence in your concrete works by Timmerman Scott.

Our concrete services

We provide a complete concrete service for your project, from sourcing and supplying high quality ready mixed concrete through to final finishing.

Our team have extensive experience in concrete works for residential properties and commercial premises alike, including:

  • Frost-proof concrete driveways
  • Decorative concrete for patios including stamped concrete designs
  • Precision concrete slab and pad construction
  • Concrete garage pads and floors
  • Weatherproof concrete foundations and retaining walls
  • Attractive concrete sidewalks, walkways, steps and curbs
  • Pool decks
  • Basement waterproofing with concrete
  • Existing concrete restoration and repair
  • Concrete seal and finish services
  • Old concrete lifting, removal and eco-friendly disposal

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As an experienced concrete contractor for a wide range of new build home projects, we offer an exceptional level of care and attention to detail for home developers, builders, architects and designers. We can produce concrete finishes that are both durable and attractive, including stamped and coloured concrete, that enhance a property’s “curb appeal”.

We also have the capacity to apply concrete to larger areas such as commercial premises, private roads and pathways, and pads for metal frame construction projects.

Concrete is an ideal material for the extreme weather we experience here in northern Ontario. It is long-lasting, durable and sustainable, making it ideal for the structures that support our homes and buildings, such as residential footings, foundation walls, interior slabs, garage floors and even decorative polished concrete floors.

Concrete is remarkably resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, including:

  • High summer temperatures
  • Extreme winter cold
  • Heavy rain
  • Frost and snow

It’s also tough, providing a strong structure able to shrug off most of what Nature throws at it. Concrete helps insulate your home, as concrete gradually absorbs and releases heat. Homes that incorporate concrete can be more energy efficient and eco-friendly too.

Concrete is also non-combustible, so it is highly fire-resistant. Add in the soundproofing benefits, and innovations in reduced carbon footprint types, concrete is clearly the natural choice of material for developers and new home builders alike.

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